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When our daughter was 8, she decided that a run down bait-shack on the beach was the perfect spot for a coffee shop. As kids often are, she was right in the concept... but how do you build a coffee shop with a non-existent budget??? You lean hard on family and friends for help!

And so it began... Friends,  family, and random strangers alike brought equipment, materials, and know-how (with a good dose of laughs when the stress got intense). Buying a bunch of used equipment, and becoming well-aquainted with duct tape and wire as repair materials. With help coming from everywhere, we opened one sunny day in 2012 and we've been rocking it ever since. 

If you come for a visit, expect a rustic west coast experience. We'll treat you like family and no better, and if you're lucky the whales will grace you with an appearance. On blustery days you can watch the waves and feel the wind, and possibly even a few crazy surfers ride the small break near the shop while you stay cozy by the campfire. On sunny days, you can soak up the sun with a nice cold drink in your hand as you comb the beach.